Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session I


The PCs are amongst a group of strangers accompanying a caravan toward the Free City of Greyhawk. They have no official business with the caravan, but travel with it simply because they are making the same pace down the long road. Searos, Blaiz and Rothgar have recently lost the rest of their party to a dragon lair raid gone terribly wrong. Nyet and Vincent departed Banedale in search of more level minded adventure, apart from the undead and insane halflings. Vincent and (Steve’s character) find old traveling companions on the road, relaying to Nyet that they will catch up with her once they have had a few drinks with their old friends.

As they approach within a few miles of the great city they come across Zagig Bridge. There they find the unfortunate caravan that came before them, under siege by orcs led by a wyvern -riding sorcerer. The small hamlet east of the bridge is being terrorized by the orc raiders, screams echoing from the small huts. The PCs have no choice but to fight as the orcs turn their attention to the new caravan. Nyet and Searos manage to save what remains of the village as Rothgar grapples the wyvern in an attempt to keep it from taking to the sky. After several of the orcs fall Acton Kathenor emerges from his hiding spot to heal the PCs. They finish off the orcs as Rothgar makes minced meat of their leader with his barbarian rage.


Upon finishing the battle the PCs find a man breathing heavily and bleeding badly underneath an overturned cart on the bridge. Nyet quickly deciphers the man has been poisoned by the wyvern’s stinger. After neutralizing the venom the man introduces himself as Ricard Damaris, owner of the Green Dragon Inn in the Free City of Greyhawk. He tell the PCs that his caravan was attacked by a force twice the size of what they encountered, and that he was getting the better of their leader before he was stung by the wyvern. The raiders leader then made of with Damaris’s Blade of Chaos, a sword that he would offer, “free drinks for life,” for if he could get back. The leader retreated west with half of his force toward Castle Greyhawk before the PCs arrived. Damaris thanks the PCs for their timely arrival and invites the PCs to stay at the Green Dragon for a month free of charge.

At that time Acton Kanethor urges everyone to make pace toward the city. He tells the PCs he is expecting the body of Riggby to arrive soon. As a follower of Boccob, Kathenor is anxious to see the body of the hero priest and meet with his clergy. Damaris adds that Greyhawk is overrun with clerics of both Boccob and St. Cuthbert, and that the PCs will have a difficult time finding a place to stay if they refuse his offer. They agree and arrive in the Free City before nightfall.


That evening the PCs join Ricard Damaris at the Lord’s Table on the stage of the Green Dragon Inn. Shortly into the night a large armored man joins them at the table, introducing himself as Captain Gallancz. Damaris tells the PCs the Captain was his commanding officer at the Battle of Emridy Meadows. He is eager to hear of the PCs exploits.

After drinking and carrying on for some time, four clerics of St. Cuthbert enter the Green Dragon. They rant about the coming final battle, a confrontation with Iuz the Evil. They tell the patrons that Iuz is irate that Riggby has escaped his vengeance by dying a natural death, and that the demigod will take his anger out on the Free City. The patrons pay little attention to their rantings and eventually they are asked to leave by Damaris.

In the morning the PCs decide to follow the trail of the force that left Damaris for dead. After traveling about six miles west of Zagig’s Bridge they see the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. The tail left by the orcs leads directly to the door of the Tower of War. Outside the tower is newer, well-kept stone building. A dawrf stands up as the PCs approach and tells the PCs they must speak with Stillguar, leader of the Wartower Wardens, if they wish to enter.

Stillguar initially tells the PCs there is a charge of one quarter treasure looted for entering to tower. When the PCs mention the orcs Stillguar becomes nervous, telling the PCs he will reduce the cost to one-tenth the treasure. Continued persistence makes Stillguar agree to allow the PCs to enter the tower for free, granted the PCs take care of the orc raiders with no loose ends and agree not to tell the city watch. Rothgar readily agrees to both terms. Several of the wardens lay down planks over the pit trap blocking the tower entrance as the party prepares to enter Castle Greyhawk…



Rothgar grapples and PINS the wyvern! Thus being his namesake MIGHTY!

Session I

That’s true. It was awful good of you to dick around with the lizard while we protected the villagers and caravan.

Session I

Well SOMEONE had to go and fight the strongest thing there. Who cares about the weak ones? They are weak!

Session I

I dunno…it didn’t look very hard. I think your face must be weak.

Session I

Arent you supposed to be my brother? You know supportive and all!

Session I

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