Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session II


The PCs wait as the Wartower Wardens lay down a makeshift bridge to cross the pit into the Tower of War. Ungar, tired of the poor commission he is making with the Wardens, asks the PCs to join their party. He tells them he is an accomplished rogue and handy in a dungeon. They readily agree. Vincent catches up as well, mentioning that the people that were victims of the raids are burying their dead. Introductions are made in haste as they force open the massive door.

WraithThe party is greeted by a three swordwraiths, one of which barrels over them in a wagon pulled by a pair of skeletal steeds. After laying the lead horse low the driver is forced to rejoin the battle by cutting the second horse free of the wagon. A fierce battle is fought, seriously injuring Searos. When the dust clears it is obvious at least half a dozen orcs came this way, their muddy boot prints marking a trail down into the levels below the tower.

The trail suddenly stops a dozen flights down the dark stairwell. A poorly concealed secret door gives way to another staircase on which the muddy footprints continue. The staircase ends in a room with several small dens littered with humanoid bones. It wreaks of troll.

Outside of the dens are several casks and crates bearing the markings of trading companies within the Free City. The party begins to hear the rumblings of orcs feasting a few rooms over. They begin to advance quietly until Rothgar overhears a reference made about fathering half-orc children. The barbarian looses his cool and charges into the dining area to be met by many orcs and their ogre captain.

After a solid blow from Rothgar, Vincent is able to run the ogre through and end the fighting. Pressing on the party finds another poorly concealed secret door, this one near a crack in the stonework leaking water into the dungeon. Inside the room they find an elevator and some more stolen goods. This is likely how the orcs transported all of their loot into this level of the tower.

GiantsThe PCs open the double doors to the next room to find a broken temple. Columns have collapsed and seismic activity has reduced much of the temple to rubble. Two hill giants begin hurling boulders at the PCs from the north end of the room as several goblins send volleys of arrows at the party. The giants quickly close in as the PCs establish a choke point in the hallway to kill the creatures. A rogue fireball from Blaiz destroys much of the safety net that covers the fissure running through the middle of the temple. The grell living in the fissure joins the combat, but teamwork and strategy leave the PCs victorious as the monsters fall beneath sword and spell.

Closer inspection reveal that the temple was once an unholy site for the followers of Nerull, but it has been defiled. The statue in the fissure holding up the walls is broken, its head lying at the bottom of the giant crack. The goblins and giants bear the insignias of Iuz.




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