Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session III


The PCs spend a few moments healing after the battle in the defiled temple of Nerull. They move east to find the living quarters of the orcs they had killed in the feasting area at the beginning of the Shatterstone level of the tower. Before entering the next double door Rothgar decides to investigate the single door exiting the temple. After passing the door they find that part of the tunnel has collapsed and that the side passage leads to a golden statue of a beautiful woman. They notice a corpse at the statue’s base. Pulling the body aside, they find it is a human several years old. He was obviously killed by a stabbing wound. The PCs also find a plain silver ring on the man bearing an unknown mark. They decide to take it.

After tampering with the statue a scythe blade shoots from it. There is no doubt now how the man died.

The party continues onward to find an office. Inside the desk there is documentation of the stolen goods, including the dates acquired, the companies the goods belonged to, and what the goods will be used for. The documentation is far too detailed to be the work of orcs. All a sudden a tiefling man becomes visible as he tries to run Blaiz through with his poisoned rapier. The two sets of armor decorating the room become animate. The ensuing fight is quick as the party demolishes the tiefling and his constructs.

The party ascends a small flight of stairs and opens the door to the next room. Inside a massive half-orc blackguard stands from behind a table and shouts, drawing his swords. A seemingly helpless woman lies on the bed in the room, pleading for help. She looks as though she has been, “used.” Searos moves to attack and barely evades a 10’ by 10’ spiked pit trap that opens in the floor. The woman quickly reveals herself as a succubus and joins the fray. The blackguard fights to the death as the succubus uses ethereal jaunt to sink into the levels below, though the PCs can find no entrance to go any further down.

Past the blackguard’s chambers the party finds a few small cells. All are empty except one, which is occupied by a catatonic man and a skeleton with a bucket of gruel. The man is wearing a strange robe and his clerical equipment is heaped outside the cell. Rothgar destroys the skeleton in an effort to restrain it as the party removes the robe from the man. Fearing that the succubus may be seeking reinforcements, the party takes the catatonic cleric back to the temple of Boccob in the Free City. The clerics there tell the party his name is Altamaic, and that he has been missing for weeks. They tell the PCs to return in the morning for more information and a reward for their courage.

The party returns to the Green Dragon Inn for a drink and some well deserved rest. When the PCs tell Ricard Damaris about the corpse they found, he mentions there is a widow at the River Quarter Mission that lost her husband years ago in the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk. A quick walk to the mission allows the PCs to meet the Widow Retha. She confirms that the ring was indeed her husband’s. She thanks the party for the closure they have provided but can offer no compensation.

The PCs return to the Green Dragon Inn once more to finally get some sleep. Before they return to their rooms Damaris sweetens the deal for returning the Blade of Chaos by throwing in a good luck stone. A city watch member named Elton Andrus also introduces himself, telling the PCs he is in charge of tracking down the stolen goods. Any leads may lead to some form of compensation…

In the morning the PCs return to the temple of Boccob to speak to Altamaic. The cleric thanks them for freeing him. All he recalls is being kidnapped by orcs and taken to a level below via hidden elevators (the location of which he details to the PCs) to speak to a human the orcs referred to as, “the General,” in a level they called, “the Arena.” He remembers little else, but gives each of the PCs a token they can redeem at the temple for a free spell cast upon them of 5th level or below.

Side Quests




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