Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session IV


Once Altamaic reveals the location of the hidden elevator the PCs waste no time reentering the Tower of War. They speak the Wartower Wardens briefly, assuring Stillguar that they will take care of the orcs as they promised.

Upon entering the secret elevator chamber a giant flesh golem attacks the party. It is promptly defeated. The PCs find a man-sized statue in the room with a stain around its ring finger. The PCs slide the ring they bought from Nulligan’s Trove on the statue and it descends into the wall, revealing a ladder leading 20 feet down into another secret chamber. The PCs find an collection of books and scripture pertaining to the arcane. They take a few items that may be immediately useful.

The PCs climb back up the ladder and take the secret elevator down several levels to a heavily guarded room. Hobgoblin archers rain arrows down on the party from a balcony. Blaiz rectifies the situation with a few fireballs as the PCs begin to make their way toward the, “Arena.”

Side Quests




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