Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session VI


The PCs arise from the depths of the Tower of War victorious. They arrive back at the Green Dragon Inn to a very excited Ricard Damaris, pleased that they have returned with his coveted Blade of Chaos. As promised Damaris gives the party his good luck stone and assures them they shall never pay for another drink in the Green Dragon. Captain Gallancz congratulates them as well, impressed with their resourcefulness and skill. The Captain mentions that while the PCs were in the dungeon the long awaited body of Riggby arrived in the Free City. Thousands are now visiting the cleric’s memorial at the Temple of Boccob in Garden Quarter.

After a night of celebration the PCs decide to pay the temple a visit themselves. As they behold Riggby’s body they find several clerics repairing the casket. A priestess approaches them, introducing herself as Rhiann. She tells the party that someone tried to desecrate Riggby’s corpse by throwing a flask of acid at it. The criminal screamed something about, “the Old One’s revenge.” She shows them the broken flask. When pieced together it bears the mark of Hauld the Apothecary.

When confronted Hauld is obviously saddened by the news of his wares being to such ends. He tells the PCs he usually bottles acid in green bottles, but the blue bottle the party was given were only sold to three customers since Hauld had run out of green bottles. Only Gulfor Leeds at the Lore of the Lake, the Pomarjer, and one of the barge people named Vokos had purchased a blue vial of acid.

Gulfor Leeds tells the PCs he is a regular customer of Hauld and uses the acid for his taxidermy business. He is hardly the type to try to attack Riggby’s corpse.

The PCs are directed to the Low Seas Tavern where Vokos is said to requent. They cannot Mohrgidentify which of the Rhennee sailors Vokos is, but are quickly met by Janos Mezaros. Janos asks why they are looking for Vokos and tells the them that he is protected. It is apparent after a moment that Janos does not like Vokos, but is obligated to protect him because he supports two young wives. Rothgar hands Janos a large pouch of gold and the PCs begin to question Vokos. The find on Vokos a symbol of Iuz. The Rhennee quickly tells the threatening PCs about an Iuzite cell down the street from the Green Dragon, and they know the PCs have been interfering.

In dramatic fashion the PCs scale the attached buildings of River Quarter, making there way across the giant structure. They smash through the windows and into the seemingly abandoned structure. The Iuzites are caught unaware and barely able to fight as the PCs slash through them. The party find its way to the basement to find a foul sanctum occupied by several priests and a hungry mohrg. The Iuzites fall the fury of the PCs, yet there are still questions and no answers…

Side Quests




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