Side Quests

The Blade of Chaos: Ricard’s Offer- COMPLETED
Origin: Ricard Damaris, the owner of the Green Dragon Inn, lost his famous sword, the blade of chaos, during the fight at Zagig’s Bridge. Although wounded, Ricard has survived but is saddened by the loss of his sword.
Objective: Ricard has offered “free drinks for life” to anyone who helps to recover his famous sword.
The Blade of Chaos: Ricard’s Second Offer
Origin: Ricard Damaris has spent the better part of a week seeking out clues as to the whereabouts of his missing sword, the blade of chaos. It was stolen from him during the fight at Zagig’s Bridge. He approaches you one evening in the common room of his establishment, the Green Dragon Inn.
Objective: Ricard reaffirms his offer of “free drinks for life” to anyone who helps him recover his missing sword. In addition, he offers you a stone of good luck if you recover the blade.

Left Behind: Widow Retha- COMPLETED
Origin: You met with the Widow Retha, a maid at the River Quarter Mission. She warned you about the dangers of adventuring and told you the tale of her poor husband.
Objective : The Widow Retha’s husband disappeared four years ago while exploring the dungeons underneath Castle Greyhawk. Although she has some hope that he is still alive, his disappearance left her destitute. She still wears a plain metal wedding ring, bearing a distinctive geometric

Stillguar’s Map: Fragments
Origin: The leader of the Wartower Wardens, a group of dwarves who charge fees to all those exploring the dungeons beneath the Tower of War, has made you an offer.
Objective : Stillguar, the leader of the Wartower Wardens, is looking for the fragments of a strange map scribed with copper ink. He is willing to pay 100 gp per fragment
you find.

The Lost Caravans- COMPLETED
Origin: An agent for the City Watch, named Elten Andrus, has contacted you concerning the caravans that have gone missing outside the city over the past few months.
Objective: Elten would like you to report any information you might have about the caravans directly to him. He plans to check in on you occasionally to see if you have found
out anything new.

Desecrating Riggby- COMPLETED
Origin: Riggby’s body has arrived in Greyhawk and will lie in state for one month. After speaking with Rhiann, a female cleric of Boccob, you have learned about a vile attack.
Objective : Just after arriving, an unknown attacker threw a vial of acid at Riggby’s coffin while screaming out “Old One’s revenge.” Rhiann then went on to show you fragments of the blue bottle used in the attack. Although she offers no reward, Rhiann assures you that city would be a
safer place if the culprit was captured.
Desecrating Riggby: Hauld
Origin : The shards of glass remaining from the acid vial thrown at Riggby’s coffin bore the mark of the alchemist Hauld, owner of Hauld’s Apothecary. Hauld is deeply troubled by his role in the attack.
Objective : Hauld informs you that he rarely sells acid in blue bottles (having changed from green just a week ago). Checking his records he finds that he sold such acid to Gulfor Leeds at the Lore of the Lake, to a half-orc mercenary calling himself a Pomarjer, and to an unfamiliar bargefolk. He tells you that the individual’s name is Vokos and that he frequents the Low Seas Tavern.
Desecrating Riggby: Gulfor Leeds
Origin: A tip from Hauld informed you that Gulfor Leeds recently purchased acid in a blue vial, of the same type thrown at Riggby’s coffin just a few days ago. Gulfor Leeds is the owner of the Lore of the Lake, a taxidermy shop.
Objective : Gulfor admits to buying six bottles of acid from Hauld, since he uses them in his work to dissolve organs, skin, and other matter scraped out of his creations. Five of the six bottles still reside on his shelf, with the last having already been used and discarded.
Desecrating Riggby: Vokos
Origin: A tip from Hauld informed you that Vokos recently purchased acid in a blue vial, and that it was of the same type thrown at Riggby’s coffin just a few days ago. Vokos is one of the Rhennee bargefolk said to frequent the Low Seas Tavern.
Objective: After speaking with the dim-witted Vokos for only a few moments, the head of his family, a powerful man by the name of János Mézáros, comes to speak with you. He tells you, in simple terms, to leave Vokos alone. Even though Vokos has a troubled nature, Jáános tells you that Vokos has a family to support and can’t be bothered with yoursimple troubles.

Side Quests

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