Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session VIII


The return to Grandfather Magic with Zagig’s Key. When the eccentric old man sees the item he is overwhelmed with excitement and begins jumping. He claims the PCs are, “the chosen,” and promptly removes the magical wards that prevent entry to the Tower of Magic. The party enters and makes its way through four levels of the dungeons quickly, finding only minor resistance from petty undead and goblinoids.

Upon reaching the fifth level, the Vaults of Creation, the PCs find and enormous black pudding held at bay by a pit of hot coals. Though it tried to devour the PCs they destroy the monster without any real hassle. Moving on the party finds that the dungeon level is infested with verbeegs. Though the creatures are powerful and in great numbers the party sustains only minimal damage. After slaying several verbeegs in a guard room, the PCs find a secret door in the eastern wall. Immediately upon opening it they find a gauth prepares for their entry, having freshly fed on one of the verbeegs. After a hard-fought battle the PCs find another secret door hiding the creatures small treasury, obviously leftovers from its many victims.

DusThe party continues through the dungeon until they find a massive table with many seats. This war room looks like it has seen use in recent months. Pulling a large curtain aside the PCs find a chalk drawing of the three towers of Castle Greyhawk. There is a crudely painted cutaway view of the dungeon levels below Castle Greyhawk, with several areas labeled. Included on these labels are some key points of interest to the PCs, including a large tunnel leading into the lower reaches of the Tower of War from the Underdark and a tunnel connecting the Vaults of Creation to the Tower of War dungeons. Other notes of interest include troop placements, some dangers the troops have encountered so far, and regions as yet unexplored. Finally, a route from the lower levels to the surface world is mapped out and labeled “Army’s Path.”

Pressing on the PCs come across a golem forge, complete with half a dozen verbeeg smiths. The efreeti driving their production in the room orders them to attack. As the battle begins an armored human steps out onto the balcony above them and begins raining arrows down on the PCs’ heads. The fight is brutal, but at the end the efreeti, giants, and human marshal lie dead. As the PCs investigate the human’s room they find several plans about the army’s intended siege of the Free City. There are several trinkets as well…




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