Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session VIV


After clearing the room of the marshal that had been overseeing the forge party takes the only other exit to the chamber. It opens into a large mining chamber complete with carts filled with rocks and old mining equipment. Before they can react they are ambushed by a volley of hurled boulders. A massive fomorian deactivates his ring of invisibility to continue hurling heavy carts and rocks at the party. Though damage is sustained, the PCs heal and press on.

The party continues down a steady slope back toward the lower chambers of the Tower of War as was indicated on the chalk drawing. The slope ends in a towering chamber that houses a broken pyramid and a toppled statue of Nerull. The chamber has obviously been damaged by an earthquake as water floods in from the northern wall. Much to their surprise the statue comes to life, hurling a giant skull at the PCs before attacking with its enormous scythe. The already injured party manages to best the statue before exploring the eastern part of the chamber.

A purple worm erupts from the ground as the party approaches one of the crumbled structures. Though tired and beaten the PCs make short work of the creature through desperation and frustration. They are injured, tired, short on spells and nowhere near civilization.




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