Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session X


The interior of the broken pyramid is the only section of the chamber unexplored for the party. Doubting their condition but having no clear choice, the PCs enter through the giant crack that separates the structure. Waiting for them are four well-hidden arrow demons and a powerful cleric of Iuz. Arrows fill the PCs as combat erupts, the cleric lashing out with powerful spells. Barely equipped to fight, the party tries to protect their spellcasters against the onslaught.

ShyBlaiz falls and the rest of the PCs are bloody and arrow filled before the four arrow demons drop. Searos tackles the cleric onto the winding staircase in the middle of the room, toppling them both several feet down the walkway. After restraining her and stripping her of her gear the cleric reveals herself as Shyrath of Iuz. She promises the PCs a terrible and painful death courtesy of her dark lord. Gagging her, Ungar enters her bedchamber to loot it. A symbol of weakness triggers, sapping the rogue’s strength and leaving him helpless. Thankfully the threats seem to be at an end. Atop Shyrath’s nightstand the PCs find her journal.

The journal details a number of operations undertaken by the forces of Iuz occupying the towers of Castle Greyhawk. Shyrath seems to be taking orders from a man called, “Vayne,” whom she despises. Vayne is blamed in the journal for several bungled missions. Shyrath goes on to complain that the teleporter hidden in the marshal’s room (which the PCs had not uncovered) has not been discovered by the marshal. When she or General At-Ur Rehmat need to access it they are forced to distract the fool. Lastly she complains of this assignment Vayne has given her to guard the staircase so that armies can march up from the depths to serve Iuz. The journal is filled with fantasies of torturing and killing her superior.

Having read enough and heard enough threats from Shyrath the PCs lock her in the trunk that housed her clothing and personal belongings. Rothgar shoves the truck down the staircase. She screams as it rolls, coming to a stop somewhere dozens of feet below the chamber’s surface. With that Rothgar and Searos destroy the supports, dropping tons upon tons of broken rock upon Shyrath and sealing the Underdark entrance.

The party them uses Shyrath’s lavish chamber to their advantage, taking some much needed rest and recovering their spells.

New life in them, the PCs march back to the room of the marshal next to the forge. They slide a panel in the wall aside to find a circular metal disc. Stepping on it, the PCs are whisked away to the Halls of Beckoning.

Upon arrival the PCs find another teleportation disc, this one cracked and useless. Moving on with urgency they find an even more lavish chamber than Shyrath’s, adorned with tapestries and silk. Further they find a library. While searching a beholder materialized out of thin air, questioning the party’s motives in the dungeon. When it does not attack the PCs become suspicious, and a barbed devil dressed in robes appears from a secret door in the shelves. As the PCs strike it they take damage from its barbs, forcing them to change tactics. A final killing blow from Searos lies the devil low, the contents of the rooms ripe for the picking.




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