Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Session XI


The PCs salvage what they can from the library and move north through the dungeon. They come across several quarters suited for commanding officers, but find that the rooms have seen no recent use. Shortly after they find a chapel sheltering a priest of Iuz and several bar-lgura skeletons. As the first of the PCs move to engage the monsters a glyph of warding erupts, though they manage to evade it and do not take serious damage. The battle is brief and none of the party sustain serious injuries. At the end of the hall the passageway ends abruptly, and the wall narrows down like the inside of a huge funnel tipped on its side. In the center of the wall is a tiny hole, barely half an inch in diameter. Pale mist plumes around the wall’s circumference, spiraling as it spins southward along the slanted walls, then eventually drains into the hole with a faint whooshing sound. A ring of carved runes has been carved into the wall along the funnel’s circumference.

After several moments of debate they cannot decide on a course of action to take. They turn back and head toward the end of the dungeon they entered through. There they find a secret door built into the stone somewhat ajar. Peering through, they find a massive summoning chamber.

VayneInside the chamber they find a greasy looking wizard along with three rutterkin demons trapped inside the summoning circle. After Vayne asks the PCs business he quickly deciphers they are there to ruin his plans. He and the rutterkin attack. After unleashing their first volley of counter-attacks the party discovers Vayne to be an illusion. They then note the three transparent balconies overlooking the room. Much blood as spilled before Blaiz is able to make use of dimension door, dropping her and Searos on top of the true Vayne. Searos quickly beats the wizard to a blood pulp atop the balcony…but what seems like victory over the leader of Iuz’s forces in Castle Greyhawk is short lived.

The air in the chamber suddenly takes on an almost electric aura of tension. Flickers of black fire rime every living and dead creature in the room, and the flames of the summoning circles
wink out. A moment later, a 20-foot-tall humanoid demon with rippling muscles and curving black horns manifests in a blast of chilling black fire. In his hands is a greatsword that seems to be forged of coiling black flames.

The true form of Iuz appears before the PCs in all his horrific splendor. With a waive of his clawed hand Vayne’s broken form comes back to life.

The wizard lands on his knees before the towering fiend and opens his mouth as if to beg for mercy, but no words come out.“And yet again you fail me, Vayne,” says the fiend in a voice filled with quiet malice. “It seems that I must do everything myself, since I have only fools for slaves.” “Oh mighty Iuz, have mercy upon your servant!” simpers Vayne, gazing up at the fiend with tears in his eyes. “I shall not fail you again!” But Iuz only snorts in derision. “Your days of service are at an end, pest,” he says with a sneer. “But do not think you can rest. Not yet. Your soul owes me many more deaths before I will forget the insult of your servitude. Die again, fool, to await my further wrath in the City of Skulls!”

IuzIgnoring Vayne’s horrified screams, Iuz reaches out, takes him by the throat with one massive hand, and squeezes until bones crumble and flesh pulps. The wizard’s head lolls and then drops to the ground. Absently shaking (he gore from his hand, Iuz turns and smiles cruelly. “Do not think that his failure is your triumph, worms of Greyhawk,” he says." In defeating Vayne, you have merely ensured my direct hand in the culmination of my plans. But you shall not live to see the results."

“Time to die, mortals!” bellows Iuz, hefting his greatsword in both hands, lust then, a strange look flashes over his demonic visage, and he utters a shriek that blends rage with an unmistakable note of terror. Nine ghostly tentacles writhe out of the eastern section of floor and unerringly seek out the Old One, shrouding him in a vortex of mist and light. As they wrap around him, his form wavers and distorts. For a moment, he appears both as a 20-foot-tall demon and as a frail, frightened old man. His body twists, warps, and stretches in an impossible vortex of flesh and bone; then he suddenly becomes insubstantial. The tentacles pull his ghostly form across the room and down through the floor in a chaotic spiral of energy that leaves a vaguely humanoid shadow etched in black on the stones.

The PCs are astounded by the events that have transpired, but are confident the threat to the Free City is over. They have little idea what stopped Iuz from murdering them all, but are thankful nonetheless. On Vayne’s mutilated body they find his journal…

In it Vayne gloats about a great treasure he found while skulking about the depths of Iuz’s
palace—a comb that had fallen behind a dresser. Caught in its tines was a single dark strand of a woman’s hair—but not just any woman’s. This hair was from the mother of Iuz, the witch-queen Iggwilv herself! It further describes how he used a scroll of simulacrum on the hair a few days after his arrival in Castle Greyhawk. Only 12 hours later, Vayne had a unique minion—a simulacrum of one of the most powerful wizards known to Greyhawk. A subsequent entry describes how Vayne knew from his studies that the real Iggwilv spent some time in the dungeons below the Tower of Zagig as the great wizard’s apprentice—or perhaps even his lover. Another mentions that
although the simulacrum retained none of the original Iggwilv’s memories, he knew that some of the defenses Zagig had left behind might well be fooled into thinking that the wizard’s ancient ally had returned to the tower. Other entries record how Vayne sent the simulacrum through the transportation device in at the end of the hall with orders to explore the region and gather resources for the coming army. At the end is a single oblique reference to a “true mission” for the simulacrum, but the journal entries do not elaborate further.



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